as BANE as BLADE as THE FUNERAL GUEST as BIG BEN as DINNER GUEST as STARBLAZE as AFARI as MORBIUS as DRACULA as SOLOMON KING as WHITE CANARY as DAREDEVIL as HARDCORE “A new investment firm has realized the secret to success. But it’s said, what you DON’T know is what won’t hurt you.” HORROR / DRAMA / THRILLER as LISA *A Tone Productions does not accept unsolicited material, whether by electronic, regular mail, or any other manner of delivery, and those materials will be deleted or destroyed without review. © A Tone Productions, All Rights Reserved, 2011-2017 Home Marketing Sponsors Film Music Writing Photo Fashion Consulting Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm
“A former-criminal is dragged into a legal dilemma by his own street guardian.”
“Just when you thought is was safe to go out in the day. The city will need the Daywalker again.” ACTION / DRAMA / WEBSERIES DRAMA / THRILLER